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Labor Cuts Funds to another government watchdog

Daniel Andrews has slashed funding to another government watchdog investigating his party – this time about a 30 per cent funding cut to the Victorian Ombudsman.


The Age revealed today that the Victorian Ombudsman’s budget has been slashed by about $2 million.


This follows Labor’s $4.4 million cut to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission’s (IBAC) yearly budget uncovered last week.


The Victorian Ombudsman is currently investigating the Andrews Labor Government’s decision to lock down public housing towers without any notice and regard for human rights during the pandemic and Labor’s branch stacking.


IBAC currently has at least three open investigations involving Daniel Andrews’ Labor Party including its dealings with a dodgy property developer, three Andrews Government ministers with allegations of branch stacking within the Labor Party, and the ongoing probe into the long-running CFA pay dispute that also includes an investigation into the relationship between the Labor Government and the United Firefighters Union.


Victorian Ombudsman, Deborah Glass has told The Age:


“I sincerely hope this is not a deliberate attempt to undermine my office, but it certainly could look like it,” and that the “appearance of it is very poor.”


Comments attributable to the Shadow Special Minister of State, Kim Wells:


“Daniel Andrews has chosen to slash the funding of those organisations with the authority to shine a light on corruption within his Labor Government.


“When Andrews cuts the budgets of these anti-corruption bodies that have a number of investigations into alleged corruption within Labor, Victorians should have concerns.


“Victorians would have every reason to question the integrity of the Andrews Labor Government when it takes the scalpel to government corruption bodies.


“We cannot allow this to become the norm under Daniel Andrews and the Liberal Nationals will continue to fight for accountability and transparency within government.”

Latest Restrictions

From 11:59pm on the 22nd of November, the number of visitors to your home will increase to 15 per day. This can be split across different times as long as it doesn’t exceed a total of 15.

Outdoor gatherings in a public place – the park, the beach – will increase to 50.

Weddings will increase to 150 people. The same number will apply to funerals and religious ceremonies indoors.

There’ll be changes for our hospitality sector too, depending on the size of the venue – up to 50 customers for smaller venues and 150 for larger venues.

Cinemas, galleries and museums will also be able to host up to 150 people indoors.

Contact and non-contact sports can begin for adults as well as kids – 150 people indoors with a group size of up to 20 and 500 outdoors with groups of up to 50.

From 30 November, up to 25 per cent of workers will be able to attend onsite.

Masks: Masks will still be mandatory when indoors or on public transport and where you can’t keep a safe distance. But if you’re outdoors and you can keep a safe distance, masks will no longer be mandatory.

Please see the link below for further details.





The Victorian Liberal Nationals’ Back to Work Plan

Victorians have endured a lot this year. We battled through the havoc of summer bushfires and the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The effects of the pandemic have been far reaching and touched all of us in different and profound ways. In Victoria, we now face more difficult social and economic recovery from the pandemic than anywhere else in Australia.

Victoria needs a plan to keep our community safe from COVID-19, but at the
same time to turn our focus to getting Victorians back to work to repair the
economic damage that’s been done by the lockdowns.

The recovery will be hard, but it is an opportunity to reshape our state, rebuild businesses and industries, and reclaim the Victorian way of life, which made Melbourne the most liveable place in the world.

The Victorian Liberal Nationals’ Back to Work Plan will generate new jobs
throughout the Victorian economy and return security, and the feeling of security, to all Victorians. 

This is not a plan for the next election in 2022; Victorians cannot wait that long. This is a plan for immediate action so that Victorians can overcome their concerns about providing for their families, meeting their mortgage and rent payments, educating their kids, keeping healthy and protecting elderly Victorians.

Our plan will help Victoria overcome the most significant public policy failure in
Australia’s history, in which the Labor Government’s hotel quarantine breaches
and failures of Victoria’s contact tracing program, caused the social and economic devastation of the second wave of the pandemic.

Click Here for Back to Work Plan

Latest COVID 19 restrictions – Melbourne Metro

Changes to restrictions from 11:59pm tonight, October 18th:
  • 5km limit for exercise and shopping will be extended to 25km
  • Two-hour time limit for exercise and socialising will also fall away
  • Outdoor sports settings like tennis courts, golf courses and skateparks will be able to reopen
  • All allied health professionals currently operating will be able to resume routine face-to face care
  • Outdoor real estate auctions able to take place with up to 10 people plus the required staff
  • Hairdressers will be able to reopen with strict safety protocols in place
  • Groups of up to ten people from two households will also be able to gather in outdoor public places
  • Tradies undertaking outdoor maintenance and repair work, mobile pet groomers and photographers able to go back to work
The rest of the third step will take place on 11:59pm on November 1 where we will see retail, hospitality and personal care services re-open again.

The Third Step will also mean we move from “stay home” to “stay safe” – with no restrictions on the reasons to leave home.

Under this step, all remaining retail will open. Restaurants, cafes and pubs will open. And personal and beauty services will be able to offer treatments to clients – as long as a face mask can be worn.

These businesses will be able to have staff onsite for a ‘dark opening’ from 28 October, giving them time to prepare to open their doors to the public.

This will also see an extension on home visits too – allowing households to have two people and their dependents visit their home once per day.

The other aspects of the roadmap – from accommodation to outdoor sport – will also be introduced.

Labor abandon the controversial preventative detention powers in Omnibus Bill

Your voice just changed Victoria’s future.

This afternoon, media is reporting that the Andrews Labor Government has backflipped on its unprecedented attempt to strip away the rights of Victorians with eleventh-hour changes to its COVID-19 Omnibus Bill.

This change occurred after significant political, online and media pressure from Victorians like you and your family, as the Liberal Nationals were able to secure enough crossbenchers to stop this bad idea from becoming law.

Media reports state the “fierce backlash from the Opposition and upper house crossbench MPs over the new laws” has forced Labor to “abandon the controversial preventative detention powers in the bill and tighten the scope of authorised officers”.

This is thanks to you.

With your support through our #NoConfidenceLabor campaign, we have blocked some of the most unprecedented, excessive and open-to-abuse measures in this Bill, but we will look closely at the new amended legislation and keep you updated on further issues as they arise.

Thank you again for joining with us to stand up for the rights and freedoms of Victorians – many of whom will never know or understand just how bad this law could have been.

The Victorian Liberal Nationals will continue to fight to protect your freedoms.



No Confidence Motion

If you’ve lost confidence in the Premier, add your name 👉🏻
A no-confidence motion is not a decision made lightly, but increasingly frustrated
Victorians are telling us loud and clear that Andrews and his government must go.
The Liberal Nationals have moved a no-confidence motion in the Premier and his Labor government.
It is the first step needed to dissolve the Parliament and allow Victorians to vote this toxic Andrews Labor Government out of office.

Andrews abandons sole traders again

Labor’s cruel announcement from last week is getting even worse with the very few sole traders eligible to apply for Labor’s meagre support package still being unable to do so.

A week after Daniel Andrews announced that he is abandoning 90 per cent of sole traders by providing them with no support, the Business Victoria website is still not accepting applications for grants from sole traders.

When asked in today’s press conference about when support for sole traders would be delivered, Daniel Andrews had absolutely no idea – a callous demonstration of the contempt he has for Victorian small business operators.

Victorians have lost confidence in Daniel Andrews’ ability to govern our state and his utter contempt for sole traders is yet another example of how he is failing Victorians.

Back to School

The Liberal Nationals want primary and specialist schools across Melbourne to reopen for day one of Term 4 so that students can get back to learning for their future, reconnecting with friends, and to do so in a safe manner with COVID-safe school plans.

The Andrews Labor Government should also ensure that all Melbourne secondary school students should return to school Thursday 8 October, immediately following completion of the General Achievement Test (GAT).

This would bring Melbourne schools into line with regional Victoria and ensure all of our students have the best learning opportunities.

If you think it is time for Daniel Andrews to get our students safely get back into the classroom, please, have your say, share your opinion and add your voice to

Royal Commission into Victoria’s COVID-19 pandemic response

A Royal Commission into Victoria’s COVID-19 pandemic response is vital.

Hundreds of lives have been lost and millions of Victorians have been locked down. We will be bearing the human and economic cost of this for a generation.

That’s why Victoria needs the full powers of a Royal Commission to get to the bottom of Victoria’s bungled second wave response.

We all deserve the truth and we need to learn the lessons for the future.

If Labor rejects a Royal Commission, then an O’Brien Liberal Nationals government will ensure it happens.

Andrews must scrap the curfew

The decision to impose a curfew on Melbourne wasn’t based on the Chief Health Officer’s advice.

It wasn’t based on police request. It was a decision made by Daniel Andrews alone.

The Premier just wants to control Victorians because he can’t control the virus.

Melbourne’s night curfew has been in force for 58 days and has resulted in more than $6 million in fines and represents the single greatest limitation imposed on the freedoms of Victorians in our state’s history.

Daniel Andrews has misled the community about the basis of his curfew and now must be scrapped immediately.

The Liberal Nationals believe the curfew should be lifted immediately. Victorians deserve this basic freedom back.