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Rowville Businesses suffering due to AusNet power cuts

Mr Wells (Rowville)

Constituency Question – 4/9/18

My question is to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. Minister, will your government offer compensation to the 69 commercial and manufacturing businesses in my electorate of Rowville who have been told by AusNet Services that for the second time in a month they will lose power supply for another whole business day? Continue reading

Daniel Andrews wasted millions of taxpayer dollars to stop investigation into red shirts

Mr Wells (Rowville)

Members Statement – 4/9/18

This statement notes the Legislative Council Privileges Committee report tabled on 23 August in the other place which found Labor’s red shirts scheme adversely affected the reputation of the Parliament. The Premier’s contempt for the Victorian public, however, is deeper than ever. Continue reading

Minister for Public Transport questioned on Rowville Rail funding

Mr Wells (Rowville)

Constituency question – 23/8/18

My question is to the Minister for Public Transport. Minister, now that the Liberal-Nationals have committed to a public transport overlay on all public land for the land corridor needed for the Rowville rail, can you advise the Rowville electorate residents what funding you will provide to match the federal government’s recent announcement of a $475 million funding commitment? Continue reading

The Rowville rail land corridor will be protected by a Matthew Guy-led Liberal-Nationals government

Mr Wells (Rowville)

Members Statement – 21/8/18

This statement confirms the Liberal-Nationals next step in pushing for a rail line to Rowville. The Rowville rail land corridor will be protected by a Matthew Guy-led Liberal-Nationals government under planning provisions. At a packed Rowville rail forum held on Friday, 10 August, organised by Mick Van de Vreede, Darren Wallace and their team, Knox residents made it very clear they need more action on Rowville rail. New planning provisions will be the next step towards a rail line all the way to Rowville. A planning overlay on public land will prevent land in the rail corridor being used for anything other than public transport. Continue reading

Condemning Labor’s Disgraceful Rorts

Mr Wells (Rowville)

Members Statement – 7/8/18

This statement condemns the lack of integrity shown by the Premier-in-hiding and his six senior Labor cabinet ministers. So far we know of at least 23 Labor MPs and former MPs implicated in the red shirts rorts, including the scheme’s chief rorter, John Lenders. No doubt the fraud and extortion squad in Victoria Police will have the necessary powers to uncover the full extent of the scheme, where the Ombudsman found herself limited by Labor’s claims of exclusive cognisance. Continue reading

Minister for Health questioned on what plans are put on place to improve Ambulance Victoria;s non-emergency transport services

Mr Wells ( Rowville )

Constituency Question – 25/7/18

My constituency question is to the Minister for Health. Minister, what plans does Ambulance Victoria have to improve non-emergency transport services to ensure patients can attend dialysis and other important medical appointments on time? Continue reading