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Minister for Energy questioned on Electricity Supply Interruptions

Mr WELLS (Rowville) 

Constituency question – 20/09/18

 My question is again to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. Minister, what reasonable precautions do you recommend businesses take to mitigate against ‘risk of loss or damage to their equipment, premises or business’ from electricity supply interruptions, as stated in section 16(c) of the Electricity Distribution Code? Minister, 69 businesses in my Rowville electorate were asking themselves this question when for the second time in August they had less than 2 hours notice that Ausnet Services had again cancelled the planned maintenance to their power supply due to weather. Ausnet Services, in their denials of compensation to business owners, did not even once acknowledge the impact of two cancellations for businesses who lost wages and interrupted their manufacturing processes and supply chains for nothing.

Condemning Labor for not sacking a single MP over rorting

Wednesday 9th May 

Members Statement 

Mr WELLS (Rowville) (09:51:34) — This statement condemns the Andrews Labor government’s complete lack of integrity in not sacking a single Labor minister or MP following the Ombudsman’s revelation that 21 Labor members, and only Labor members, rorted $400 000 of taxpayer funds before the 2014 election. The Premier’s apology was insincere and insulting to the Victorian public. He excused his action and those of his Labor colleagues by saying that they had paid the money back. It is the kind of excuse you expect to hear from a child in kindergarten, not the Premier of Victoria.

If you rob a bank, paying the money back is not enough. If you stole from your employer, as Labor members have done from Parliament, then you would lose your job. The member for Melton still sits in this Parliament, having rorted his residence allowance. The member for Tarneit, despite holding the highest position in this chamber at the time, also rorted his allowance, while Steve Herbert, a former member of the other place, misused his ministerial privileges to chauffeur dogs around the state.

As a society we expect that crime is punished, that breaking the rules has consequences and that when authorities discover deliberate and systemic wrongdoing, as the Ombudsman did with the Labor Party, there are penalties for those involved. No wonder we have a crime crisis, with these people in charge. Instead of penalties Labor gifted six government positions to rorting MPs who have retired from Parliament, and four new Labor MPs were elected with help from rorting.

Condemning the Labor Government For Sitting on $3 Billion of federal government infrastructure funding

Mr WELLS (Rowville) (13:52:46) — This statement condemns the Andrews government for sitting on $3 billion of federal government infrastructure funding destined for vital Victorian projects. For three long years under Labor $500 million of federal funding for the Monash Freeway has sat unused. The federal government upgrades are sorely needed for improved capacity on the Monash from the EastLink interchange towards the Melbourne CBD and east of Clyde Road. Rowville electorate commuters spend many frustrated hours in traffic commuting to the city on the Monash Freeway. In the meantime the Premier has signed billion-dollar contracts with Transurban, forcing years of tolls onto Monash CityLink commuters for a road in western Melbourne while these same drivers are denied upgrades they have already paid for and are forced to sit on congested, second-rate roads.

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Condemning Labor’s Desperate Prison Extension Announcement

Tuesday, 6th Feb

Mr WELLS (Rowville) (16:05:14) — This statement condemns Labor’s rushed and desperate announcement that they will extend prison facilities at Lara. The announcement of Labor’s fourth Minister for Corrections, Gayle Tierney, seems to have been written on the back of an envelope. The minister could not say how much the prison extension would cost, how much was budgeted for the project, where the money was coming from, when the project would be built or even how many actual prison beds an extension would provide. Nor could the minister provide any information about the acquisition of land needed for the project. Like residents in Werribee, people in Lara have had this announcement dumped on them without any detail to go on.

Minister Tierney said in her announcement:

… we’re planning for that growth now.

She also said:

Planning for growth in the prison population is what good governments do.

However, back in 2015 the Andrews government were warned by Ombudsman Deborah Glass that Victorian prisons would reach maximum capacity by 2019, even with the opening of the 1000 new beds at the coalition-funded Ravenhall prison. When the coalition signed the $670 million Ravenhall contracts in 2014, Minister Tierney was deeply critical of the coalition for spending money on new prisons. This did not stop the minister describing her great pleasure and delight when she opened Ravenhall last year.

Victorians are outraged by lenient prison sentences that are sometimes less than half those in New South Wales.

Napthine Government announces $600,000 for new CFA station at Skye

  • Napthine Government will provide $600,000 for a new station for Skye CFA
  • This announcement forms part of the Coalition Government’s $125 million commitment to upgrade CFA stations across the state
  • Napthine Government building a safer Victoria

Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Bushfire Response Kim Wells and Member for Carrum Donna Bauer today announced that the Napthine Government will provide $600,000 towards the construction of a new CFA station in Skye.

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A re-elected Napthine Government will commit $3 million to upgrade life saving clubs along the bay

  • A re-elected Napthine Government will commit $3 million towards three life saving club redevelopments along the bay
  • Redevelopments will enhance water safety for thousands of people who visit beaches at South Melbourne, Edithvale and Bonbeach
  • Napthine Government building a better bay

Three life saving clubs around Port Phillip Bay will receive a share in $3 million to undergo significant redevelopments of club facilities under a re-elected Napthine Government.

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New 24 hour $8.5 million police station for Colac under a re-elected Napthine Government

  • A re-elected Napthine Government will build a new 24-hour $8.5 million police complex in Colac
  • Multi-million dollar facility will boost emergency response capabilities in south-west Victoria
  • Napthine Government building better and safer communities across Victoria

Minister for Police Kim Wells and Member for Polwarth Terry Mulder today announced that a re-elected Napthine Government will build a new 24-hour $8.5 million police station in Colac, boosting emergency response capabilities in south-west Victoria.

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Safer pedestrian crossing signalled for Rowville students

Kim at Napoleon Road School Crossing

  • A re-elected Napthine Government will deliver signalled lights at the pedestrian crossing on Napoleon Road
  • $250,000 investment to benefit motorists and pedestrians, particularly students walking to Park Ridge Primary and Rowville Secondary College
  • The Napthine Government is building a better, safer roads

 Local State Member of Parliament and Liberal Candidate for Rowville Kim Wells today announced that a re-elected Napthine Government will invest $250,000 to install signalled lights at the pedestrian crossing in Napoleon Road, Rowville.

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