Condemning Labor for not sacking a single MP over rorting

Wednesday 9th May 

Members Statement 

Mr WELLS (Rowville) (09:51:34) — This statement condemns the Andrews Labor government’s complete lack of integrity in not sacking a single Labor minister or MP following the Ombudsman’s revelation that 21 Labor members, and only Labor members, rorted $400 000 of taxpayer funds before the 2014 election. The Premier’s apology was insincere and insulting to the Victorian public. He excused his action and those of his Labor colleagues by saying that they had paid the money back. It is the kind of excuse you expect to hear from a child in kindergarten, not the Premier of Victoria.

If you rob a bank, paying the money back is not enough. If you stole from your employer, as Labor members have done from Parliament, then you would lose your job. The member for Melton still sits in this Parliament, having rorted his residence allowance. The member for Tarneit, despite holding the highest position in this chamber at the time, also rorted his allowance, while Steve Herbert, a former member of the other place, misused his ministerial privileges to chauffeur dogs around the state.

As a society we expect that crime is punished, that breaking the rules has consequences and that when authorities discover deliberate and systemic wrongdoing, as the Ombudsman did with the Labor Party, there are penalties for those involved. No wonder we have a crime crisis, with these people in charge. Instead of penalties Labor gifted six government positions to rorting MPs who have retired from Parliament, and four new Labor MPs were elected with help from rorting.