Condemning Labor’s Disgraceful Rorts

Mr Wells (Rowville)

Members Statement – 7/8/18

This statement condemns the lack of integrity shown by the Premier-in-hiding and his six senior Labor cabinet ministers. So far we know of at least 23¬†Labor MPs and former MPs implicated in the red shirts rorts, including the scheme’s chief rorter, John Lenders. No doubt the fraud and extortion squad in Victoria Police will have the necessary powers to uncover the full extent of the scheme, where the Ombudsman found herself limited by Labor’s claims of exclusive cognisance.

Labor’s cowardice has really shone through with the launch of police investigations by the fraud and extortion squad. Firstly, the Deputy Premier bungled a dirty accusation against the opposition, saying two MPs, who were only candidates at the time with no staff, had somehow misused their electorate staff. Then, after the fraud and extortion squad conducted early morning raids across three states at 17¬†staffers’ homes, the Premier and his ministers did not come forward. They did not face the media. They did not agree to cooperate fully with the police investigation. They are too ashamed to even show their faces.

The Premier and his ministers have gone to ground and let the most junior, casual staffers, who were employed more than three years ago, endure arrests and police charges. Labor ministers and MPs are not brave enough to come forward and admit their role in Labor’s systematic, well-planned, devious scheme to defraud Victorians and steal an election. They let their young workers take the rap, while they protect themselves.