Daniel Andrews wasted millions of taxpayer dollars to stop investigation into red shirts

Mr Wells (Rowville)

Members Statement – 4/9/18

This statement notes the Legislative Council Privileges Committee report tabled on 23¬†August in the other place which found Labor’s red shirts scheme adversely affected the reputation of the Parliament. The Premier’s contempt for the Victorian public, however, is deeper than ever.

Victoria’s honourable Premier refused to be questioned by the Legislative Council Privileges Committee, just as he fought tooth and nail to stop Victoria’s Ombudsman from conducting a full investigation. He dragged the Ombudsman all the way to the High Court, wasting millions of taxpayer dollars, just to avoid scrutiny of Labor’s campaign. Labor’s complete contempt for hardworking Victorian taxpayers, could not be more obvious.

Sworn evidence from former ALP minister Adem Somyurek in the Council to the committee showed that he personally raised his concerns with the Premier after a caucus meeting. Yet the Premier, incredibly, still denies knowing anything about the red shirts rorts. It beggars belief that the Premier, the leader of the Labor Party, attended high-level campaign meetings and strutted around on the campaign bus with squadrons of red shirts while 23 of his own senior Labor MPs employed these people but mentioned nothing about it to him. Does the Premier hold Victorians in such low regard that he thinks that they would believe this fairytale?

The Legislative Council Privileges Committee evidence opens up more questions about what the Premier really knew and his role in the scheme. The Premier’s leadership is morally bankrupt. He retains a cabinet full of rorters claiming extra salaries, vehicles and the privileges of their ministerial positions, several of whom run Victoria’s justice system, all while being investigated by the fraud and extortion squad of Victoria Police.