Condemning the Labor Government For Sitting on $3 Billion of federal government infrastructure funding

Mr WELLS (Rowville) (13:52:46) — This statement condemns the Andrews government for sitting on $3 billion of federal government infrastructure funding destined for vital Victorian projects. For three long years under Labor $500 million of federal funding for the Monash Freeway has sat unused. The federal government upgrades are sorely needed for improved capacity on the Monash from the EastLink interchange towards the Melbourne CBD and east of Clyde Road. Rowville electorate commuters spend many frustrated hours in traffic commuting to the city on the Monash Freeway. In the meantime the Premier has signed billion-dollar contracts with Transurban, forcing years of tolls onto Monash CityLink commuters for a road in western Melbourne while these same drivers are denied upgrades they have already paid for and are forced to sit on congested, second-rate roads.

The Premier continues to throw hand grenades at Prime Minister Turnbull over infrastructure funding for Victoria, demanding $4.5 billion for metro rail. This is just more of the Labor blame game, as the state Labor government has not yet submitted a long-awaited business case to Infrastructure Australia for these upgrades. The Premier appears to be stalling until he can make an election eve announcement and score points in a few marginal seats. Victorians are tired of the cynical blame game that the Premier is playing with Victorian infrastructure.