Minister for Roads Questioned on Noble Park Level Crossing Removal

Tuesday, 6th Feb

Mr WELLS (Rowville) (14:50:25) — (13 398) The question I wish to raise is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. Minister, can you explain how a level crossing removal at Noble Park will have any positive benefit for local traffic congestion almost 10 kilometres away from the corner of Stud and Wellington roads in Rowville? Late last year, I asked you a constituency question about VicRoads’ plans for accommodating extra local traffic from the 800-household development at Kingston Links, on the corner of Stud and Wellington roads. I was very surprised to read in your reply that the level crossings removal program would assist traffic congestion. I had explained that Rowville drivers struggle to reach major roads, such as EastLink and the Monash Freeway, due to heavy local traffic. City-bound commuters on EastLink and the Monash Freeway completely bypass the nearest level crossing removal at Noble Park. Your reply contained no information from VicRoads about Kingston Links. I am even more disappointed that you did not take the time to read my question and take it seriously enough to provide even this level of detail to Knox residents.



The proposed redevelopment of the Kingston Links Golf Course site into a residential estate is going through a planning scheme amendment process to rezone the land and put in place a process for further planning to occur before planning permits for the developments can be issued. VicRoads will work with the proponents of the development and the council to ensure the works required to mitigate the transport impacts are carried out as part of the redevelopment of the site.

The Victorian Government has undertaken major improvements to the arterial road and freeway network in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs over the past three-year period.

The Monash Freeway Upgrade will also add new lanes to the Monash Freeway where they are most needed. EastLink to Clyde Road will see an extra lane in each direction, with smart technology added from Chadstone to Pakenham to ease congestion for faster travel. The project means faster, safer and more reliable journeys for 200,000 motorists every day. VicRoads expects the upgrade to reduce peak hour travel times by ten minutes and accommodate for additional 2000 vehicles during the peak period. The upgrade will reduce pressures on surrounding roads such as Wellington Road and Stud Road. Further information on the project can be accessed at the Monash Freeway Upgrade website http://westgatetunnelproj


Hon Luke Donnellan MP

Minister for Roads and Road Safety