Minister for Emergency Services questioned on funding for Scoresby CFA

Mr Wells  (Rowville)

Constituency question – 8/8/18

My question is to the Minister for Emergency Services. Minister, what provision has the Andrews government made to fund a new station for the Scoresby Country Fire Authority (CFA) brigade, whose existing station was built in 1973? Scoresby CFA’s fully volunteer brigade of more than 60 volunteers attend more than 600 call-outs per year from house and structure fires to car accidents and cleaning up hazardous materials. The brigade is the only brigade in the state with a hose-layer truck, an invaluable piece of machinery that Scoresby crew drive across Victoria to train and demonstrate to other brigades, as well as to fire incidents, including a large recycling fire at Coolaroo earlier this year. A new Scoresby CFA building does not require any new land, only construction costs, and an update is long overdue for this vital community asset.