Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Questioned on Electricity Supply

Wednesday, 7th Feb

WELLS (Rowville) (11:44:31) — (13 926) The question I wish to raise is for the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. Minister, what assurances can you give Knox businesses that the government has any plan to ensure reliable electricity supply regardless of the weather? Businesses in my electorate have contacted me following two power outages in recent weeks. The first of these outages lasted two days. One business with 33 local employees was forced to cancel half a morning shift and all of an afternoon shift, sending people home rather that have them wait around until the lights came back on.

The business bore the cost of the loss of production that day as well as still needing to cover the costs of the employee wages. The outage was still below the threshold at which the owner could claim insurance, and the business will have to carry those losses in full. Worse still, they experienced another outage the following week. Minister, a huge number of businesses in my Rowville electorate, along with many in the south-east, have lost valuable productivity as a direct result of power outages on your watch.