Minister for Health questioned on what plans are put on place to improve Ambulance Victoria;s non-emergency transport services

Mr Wells ( Rowville )

Constituency Question – 25/7/18

My constituency question is to the Minister for Health. Minister, what plans does Ambulance Victoria have to improve non-emergency transport services to ensure patients can attend dialysis and other important medical appointments on time? I was contacted again recently by my constituent, Mrs Blood, whose 77-year-old husband receives twice-weekly dialysis treatment at Box Hill Hospital. I wrote to you in April about transport delays to and from these appointments. Mrs Blood reported in early July that the transport delays had only become worse. I then contacted the manager of professional standards at Ambulance Victoria and was informed that, ‘It appears Mrs Blood’s main concerns primarily relate to the attitude of the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) call takers receiving the dialysis bookings’. Minister, I suggest that Mrs Blood has no alternative but to call ESTA for the ambulance when it is late or, on at least three occasions, does not arrive when her husband, in severe ill health, waits several hours for transport home.