Minister for Roads and Road Safety questioned on plans for road improvements to Wellington and Stud roads

Constituency Question 

WELLS (Rowville) (11:52:30) — (13 589) The question I wish to raise is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. Minister, what plans do VicRoads have for road improvements to Wellington and Stud roads to provide for the large number of new residents moving into the Kingston Links development in Rowville?

Minister, the Kingston Links golf course, along with a large parcel of Knox council land, is due to be developed into a new housing estate as a result of the strong population growth in outer suburban seats like Rowville. The development of over 800 houses, along with new parks, new community facilities and new commercial premises within the estate will generate a large amount of extra traffic. Already 81 per cent of Rowville residents rely on their cars to get to work, which is the highest proportion in Victoria. Rowville residents are extremely worried that extra traffic will put enormous pressure on Wellington Road and Stud Road. These major roads provide access for Rowville residents onto EastLink and the Monash Freeway and are at choking point.


The Andrews Labor Government is committed to relieving traffic congestion across the road network. We are undertaking a number of actions to address this issue, including the removal of 50 of the most dangerous and congested level crossings on the metropolitan rail network to increase train capacity and reduce congestion on roads.


As you may appreciate, VicRoads receives many requests each year for road infrastructure upgrades throughout Victoria. All requests are prioritised based on the extent to which the treatments would improve safety and/or congestion. VicRoads considers factors such as the number and type of vehicles using the road, the need to cater for pedestrians and cyclists, the historical safety record of the sites, the impact the treatment would have on the surrounding road network and the implementation costs.


I acknowledge your concerns regarding the number of cars on the road. The Victorian Government is continuing its record investment to build a world-class public transport network in Melbourne’s suburbs, with the aim of removing more cars off the road.


Hon Luke Donnellan MP

Minister for Roads and Road Safety