Minister for Roads questioned on toll for North-east Link

Constituency Question

Tuesday, 12th December

Mr WELLS (Rowville) (12:36:46) — (13 782) The question I wish to raise is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. Minister, what assurances can you provide Knox drivers that the Eastern Freeway will not be tolled to pay for new road projects such as Labor’s north–east link? Labor have already blown out the north–east link budget by $9.5 billion in six months without lifting a shovel.

Without the east–west link, the north–east link will cause more chaos, dumping extra traffic from the northern suburbs onto the Eastern Freeway. The Premier wants to make Knox drivers pay an extra 12 years of tolls on the Monash Freeway by extending CityLink tolls to pay for the West Gate tunnel. Even Labor’s infrastructure experts say the best solution for traffic is to hit drivers heading into Melbourne with a congestion tax. Without the east–west link, Labor have no plan to deal with inner city congestion other than taxing or tolling. Labor need to come clean on their plans to toll the Eastern Freeway.



Whilst the Eastern Freeway will be significantly overhauled and modernised to increase capacity and reliability as part of the North East Link project, there is no intention to apply tolls to any part of the Eastern Freeway.

Hon Luke Donnellan MP