Labor abandon controversial detention powers in Omnibus Bill

Your voice just changed Victoria’s future.

This afternoon, media is reporting that the Andrews Labor Government has backflipped on its unprecedented attempt to strip away the rights of Victorians with eleventh-hour changes to its COVID-19 Omnibus Bill.

This change occurred after significant political, online and media pressure from Victorians like you and your family, as the Liberal Nationals were able to secure enough crossbenchers to stop this bad idea from becoming law.

Media reports state the “fierce backlash from the Opposition and upper house crossbench MPs over the new laws” has forced Labor to “abandon the controversial preventative detention powers in the bill and tighten the scope of authorised officers”.

This is thanks to you.

With your support through our #NoConfidenceLabor campaign, we have blocked some of the most unprecedented, excessive and open-to-abuse measures in this Bill, but we will look closely at the new amended legislation and keep you updated on further issues as they arise.

Thank you again for joining with us to stand up for the rights and freedoms of Victorians – many of whom will never know or understand just how bad this law could have been.

The Victorian Liberal Nationals will continue to fight to protect your freedoms.