Rowville Businesses suffering due to AusNet power cuts

Mr Wells (Rowville)

Constituency Question – 4/9/18

My question is to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. Minister, will your government offer compensation to the 69¬†commercial and manufacturing businesses in my electorate of Rowville who have been told by AusNet Services that for the second time in a month they will lose power supply for another whole business day? When service provider AusNet advised of an impending power cut on 3¬†August then cancelled at short notice, Rowville businesses sent staff home, lost wages and interrupted their manufacturing processes and supply chains for nothing. Now you expect them all to do the same again. There is no compensation. You have not even offered so much as a backup generator to help them keep running. Because of Labor’s policy to jack up coal royalties and close Hazelwood, Victorian businesses and consumers now pay a premium for a Third World electricity supply.