Rowville needs a Rail not a Tram

This statement condemns the Andrews Labor government’s ludicrous decision to proceed with a business case for a tram from Caulfield to Rowville while the federal government funds a parallel business case for a train service. The Premier regularly gets on his high horse to complain that the federal government is not giving Victoria enough money for infrastructure. In May the Premier gave all the appearances of welcoming the federal government investing $475 million for a railway line from Huntingdale to Monash University, Clayton, in its 2018–19 budget, which included money to ‘undertake planning and preconstruction towards construction of a rail line in south-east Melbourne to service the Monash precinct’. Yet in June Labor’s Minister for Public Transport confirmed that the state government will waste $3 million to study a
proposal for a tram line along a parallel route from Caulfield to Rowville.

The question is why. Rowville rail does not need another study. If the minister does not believe the results of the 2012 feasibility study commissioned by the Liberals, she should believe the enormous community support for Rowville rail that was found in Labor’s very own Infrastructure Victoria study. Rowville also does not want a tram. Rowville residents, public transport advocates and even the original author of the Rowville rail study have stated that a tram to Caulfield is not the right solution for commuters from Rowville. If it is a question of money, surely the sensible thing is to look at how Victoria can match the federal government’s investment and not waste a further $3 million on a study that no-one wants.