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Scoresby CFA scores new $2.5 million Station

Scoresby CFA scores $2.5 million station upgrade

State Member for Rowville, Kim Wells and Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Brad Battin today announced that an elected Liberal Nationals Government will fund a new $2.5 million CFA station in Scoresby.

The Liberal Nationals will join with the Scoresby CFA to jointly fund the construction of a new CFA station at the current site on Sara Road, Scoresby, contributing $1.5 million towards the build.

The Scoresby CFA will contribute $1 million from existing assets and community fundraising efforts, reflecting the dedicated commitment of the volunteer brigade of 60 members which attends around 600 callouts each year.

The new larger station is designed to suit larger urban areas, such as Scoresby, which services call-outs to local residential areas, large commercial and industrial areas, parklands, Eastlink and Knox Council facilities. The new station will have the capacity to accommodate a pumper, tanker, hoselayer and a 4WD vehicle with 3-4 drive through motor bays.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Brad Battin:

“The Liberal Nationals rebuilt or upgraded more than 250 CFA stations when last in government and we are committed to continuing our strong tradition of supporting the CFA.

These new facilities will improve the health and safety for all volunteers so they can continue to keep not only Rowville, but all Victorians safe.

The Liberal Nationals are building a safer Victoria by ensuring Scoresby is better protected from the threat of fires and other emergencies than ever before.”

Comments attributable to Member for Rowville, Kim Wells:

“It is vital that the Scoresby community has the resources it needs to fight fires and protect our communities when we need help the most and this new facility will provide that.

This investment will provide our hardworking firefighters with the necessary equipment and facilities to accommodate firefighting vehicles and train firefighting crews. This will be an enormous benefit to Scoresby, the City of Knox and the surrounding communities for years to come.

Only a Matthew Guy led Liberal Nationals Government will fund this important infrastructure project, which will strengthen Knox’s emergency services.”

Andrews has dismissed the collective wisdom and experience of 60 000 trained volunteer firefighters

Tuesday, 6th JUNE 2017

Members Statement

WELLS (Rowville) — This statement condemns the Andrews Labor government’s dangerous and divisive policy to segregate volunteers from paid firefighters in 35 outer suburban fire stations.

Labor’s radical policy move to restructure Victoria’s fire services has never been recommended in any official review into the fire services. Deliberately the government has not allowed any public debate or consultation with Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria. This Premier, in his arrogance, has dismissed the collective wisdom and experience of 60 000 trained volunteer firefighters. Country Fire Authority (CFA) volunteers have been left in the dark about how they will operate under the new regime.

CFA members have flooded my email with concerns about the impact of a restructure. For example, the integrated station at Rowville in my electorate will have paid staff who could become employees of the new service, Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV), but how this will actually work in terms of them accessing the same pay and conditions is not at all clear. CFA volunteers at Rowville will suddenly become outsiders on Fire Rescue Victoria turf, segregated in an entirely separate organisation while still training and attending jobs at the same station as their paid FRV counterparts. Less than 5 kilometres away at the fully volunteer-run Scoresby station volunteers — many with years of skill and experience — could be answerable to paid FRV staff. There is no guarantee that resources belonging to the CFA, including assets purchased through local fundraising, will remain with the CFA. Training will be conducted by FRV but access for volunteers to training is uncertain.

Emergency Services Minister questioned on when the CFA volunteers will be booted out of all intergrated CFA stations

24th MAY, 2017

Constituency question 

 Mr WELLS (Rowville) — (12 673) The constituency question I wish to raise is for the Minister for Emergency Services. Minister, a large number of people from my electorate, served by both an integrated and a volunteer Country Fire Authority (CFA) station, have contacted me about your latest announcement to split CFA volunteers from working alongside paid firefighters in order to force through your failed enterprise bargaining agreement and appease United Firefighters Union secretary Peter Marshall.

Minister, I ask on behalf of the hardworking people in the CFA in my electorate: how long will it be before you call for yet another review which will boot the CFA volunteers out of all integrated CFA stations and shut down all volunteer CFA stations in the Melbourne metropolitan area?


Will Labor match $2.5 million to fund new Scoresby CFA Station?


Thursday, 16 April 2015


Scoresby CFA

Mr WELLS (Rowville) — (Question 163) My question is to the Minister for Emergency Services. The Scoresby Country Fire Authority brigade in my electorate of Rowville urgently requires a larger, more modern station to improve emergency response capabilities for Scoresby and surrounding communities. The previous coalition government committed, if re‑elected, to fund a new $2.5 million station. The brigade is supported by 60 dedicated volunteers and attends 600 emergency call‑outs per year.

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Speech on Rowville Electorate Commitments, Emergency Services and East-West


Thursday, 19 March 2015



Mr WELLS (Rowville) — It gives me great pleasure to rise to speak on the address‑in‑reply to the Governor’s speech. I congratulate the Governor of Victoria on his speech outlining the Andrews government’s plans for Victoria over the next four years. I want to address a number of issues raised in the Governor’s speech and also cover the commitments made in the Rowville electorate, to emergency services and to the east–west tunnel.

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