The Andrews Government Continue to Ignore the Law and Order Crisis

Mr WELLS (Rowville) (15:06:38) — This statement condemns the Andrews Labor government’s failure to acknowledge the law and order crisis occurring across Victoria in the recent release of the December 2017 quarter crime stats. Statements from the Premier and the Minister for Police boasting about an overall drop in crime indicate that they are completely out of touch with how the community feels about crime and safety where they live.

In my Rowville electorate the Knox crime statistics have risen by 18.3 per cent over the last three years of this Labor government. Motor vehicle theft, for example, across Victoria is up 10.3 per cent since Labor came to office. A Rowville resident contacted me recently describing the impact of these crimes. He said:

… my work vehicle has been broken into and all power tools stolen a few months ago. My father’s work vehicle has been broken into just the other night.

A stolen Audi was dumped across the road from our house and a detective from Knox informed me that it had been used in ‘serious crime’.

He went on to describe vehicles and people moving around in his street at night, which he described as:

… made me fearful for mine and my family’s safety …

And further:

… it was disheartening not to see one police vehicle drive through the area last night given there is an established history of burglary around here.

Like people in Rowville, the reality for Victorians across the state is that Victoria is much less safe. Crime is up nearly 10 per cent under the Premier, and more serious offences are up significantly more.