The State Governments mismanagement of the Energy Sector hitting everyday Victorians

Mr Wells (Rowville)

Members Statement – 18/09/18

This statement condemns the terrible state of Victoria’s power sector, which is seeing a spike in power disconnections, bill shock and supply issues. Despite Victoria’s world-class coal and natural gas reserves, the state government’s mismanagement of the energy sector is hitting everyday Victorians. Victorians are reeling as they receive huge winter energy bills as a result of Labor’s botched energy policies. One lady in my electorate, a pensioner, was in tears discussing her quarterly $3700 electricity bill. Luckily her family stepped in to help. Unfortunately over winter her solar panels had not accrued a single cent of credit — so much for renewables.

For the second time in August 69 businesses in my electorate missed a day of work, losing wages and interrupting the manufacturing and supply chains, due to planned maintenance which was cancelled at the last minute. This means delays until the maintenance can be completed. AusNet Services have denied businesses any compensation for their losses. The Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change has not even replied to their complaints, let alone to mine.

The number of Victorians who were disconnected from essential services jumped a huge 25 per cent in the winter quarter, the most difficult time to be without heating, light and hot water. Electricity disconnections have gone up by more than 82 per cent since December 2017. Labor’s failure to keep electricity prices under control means more and more Victorians are unable to afford life’s basics.