Dan’s Dirty Deal with the UFU



Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Mr WELLS (Rowville) — (Question 7521) The constituency question I wish to raise is for the attention of the Minister for Emergency Services. I have been contacted by a number of Rowville and Scoresby Country Fire Authority (CFA) volunteers who are deeply concerned about Dirty Dan’s deal with the United Firefighters Union (UFU) over the latest round of the enterprise bargaining agreement.

CFA volunteers play a significant role in keeping Victorians safe and have done so for more than 70 years. Volunteers provide essential search capacity in bushfire season and at a time of highest demand. Yet clauses in the proposed agreement, such as clause 21, the ‘veto clause’, will allow for CFA management decisions to be vetoed by a consultative committee dominated by the UFU. I therefore ask the minister on behalf of concerned volunteers in the Rowville electorate when she will give a guarantee that she will not hand control of the CFA over to the UFU by accepting this dirty deal.

 Answer Given on 6th Mary 2016

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) volunteers, including those of the Rowville and Scoresby CFA Brigades play a vital role in protecting Victoria from all manner of disasters. The Victorian Government greatly values and respects the work of volunteers in our communities.

Please be assured that I have noted the concerns raised by members of the CFA in your electorate. As I have stated publicly, the focus of the Victorian Government is ensuring that we reach an enterprise agreement with the United Fire Fighters Union that respects and values the great work of both our paid and volunteer firefighters.

Thank you for raising this matter with me.

 Jane Garrett MP

Minister for Emergency Services