Coalition record of investigation at Fiskville



Country Fire Authority Fiskville facility

Mr WELLS (Rowville) — This statement is in response to the ill‑informed and inaccurate comments made during question time on 12 February by the Minister for Emergency Services in relation to the Fiskville Country Fire Authority (CFA) training facility. The minister alleged that the previous Coalition government had done nothing in relation to concerns about contamination at Fiskville. These comments are simply untrue. The Coalition ensured that a comprehensive process of review and action was undertaken by the CFA and across the whole of government to address the issues at Fiskville, which is in stark contrast to the complete lack of action and interest shown by Labor in its previous 11 years in government. It took a Coalition government to investigate and take action.

In December 2011 the CFA commissioned Professor Robert Joy to conduct an inquiry into past hot fire training practices and the potential for contamination at Fiskville. Support services were also immediately established for anyone who believed they may have been affected by historical practices. In June 2012 the CFA, as a precaution, switched to town mains water for practical firefighting training. In June 2012 the Joy report was delivered. In July 2012 the CFA accepted all 10 of Professor Joy’s recommendations and committed to 11 additional management initiatives. In addition, Cardno Lane Piper commenced implementation of all the recommendations.

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