Drivers Urged To Stop, Revive And Survive This Easter

Minister for Police and Emergency Services Kim Wells today urged holidaymakers to avoid driver fatigue and reduce the risk of an accident by stopping at Driver Reviver sites across the state this Easter.

Mr Wells, State Emergency Services (SES) volunteers and Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) representatives have launched the Driver Reviver Easter campaign at Federation Square.

“For 25 years, the Driver Reviver campaign has played a significant role in road safety, helping to reduce road tragedy by alleviating motorists of driver fatigue during the busy holiday periods,” Mr Wells said.

“This Easter, 46 Driver Reviver sites across Victoria will be manned by SES and Lions Clubs volunteers from tomorrow through until next Tuesday (22 April). The sites will offer motorists a safe place to rest, have a drink, change drivers or have a power nap away from passing traffic.

“I call on everyone, particularly those on long-haul trips, to take a break and stop at a Driver Reviver site. The longer you drive, the greater the risk.

“We know that fatigue is a factor in about 20 per cent of all fatal car accidents in Victoria and in regional areas the figure rises to about 30 per cent.

“Drivers must remember that they are responsible not only for their own safety but that of their passengers and other road users.

“I would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers who will take time out over Easter to assist other Victorians to stay safe on our roads.”

Mr Wells said motorists can expect a strong police presence on the roads this Easter with highway patrol, general duties and specialist area officers saturating Victorian roads in a bid to reduce road trauma.

“All drivers have a role to play in reducing the risk on our roads especially during holidays, by taking a short break every two hours. It won’t have a big effect on your total travel time, but it may have a big effect on your life and the lives of others,” Mr Wells said.

“The Victorian Coalition Government has a clear law and order agenda and we support Victoria Police in its effort to make our roads as safe as possible.

“At a cost of $602 million we’ve committed to deliver 1,700 additional police by November this year, with more than 1,300 extra police now protecting our community.”

Mr Wells said last year’s annual road toll of 242 was a 14.2 per cent reduction on 2012.

“Any road fatality is tragic, but serious and often permanent injuries also happen and have a dreadful effect on individuals, families and the wider community for decades,” Mr Wells said.

“We know there is still a long way to go, so we are urging drivers to take care on the roads this weekend and ensure they return to their loved ones safely.”

For a full list of places to Stop, Revive and Survive this Easter visit the Victorian SES website: