Rallying in support of East West Link


 Tuesday, 18 August 2015


East–west link

Mr WELLS (Rowville) — This statement strongly supports the recently held community rally backing the east–west link ‘Just build it!’ campaign and condemns the Andrews Labor government for its political sabotage in ripping up the contracts for the east–west link, thereby dooming the millions of Melbourne commuter and business road users to many more years of continuing congestion and traffic gridlock. Scrapping such a vital major infrastructure project also means that the Andrews government has, hypocritically, axed thousands of jobs — an estimated 6700 jobs to be exact — for Victorian workers at the same time as spruiking its now seriously floundering so‑called jobs plan to create 100 000 jobs.

An east–west link remains a critically important and vitally needed project for Victoria’s future and economic prosperity, and such a link will be built in the future. Victorian motorists just cannot afford to remain permanently gridlocked on increasingly congested roads. If the east–west link is not built, Victorian commuters will be forced to spend more and more of their valuable time frustrated in their cars rather than spending quality time with their friends and families.

The Andrews Labor government’s reckless irresponsibility is not only threatening Victoria’s hard‑won international reputation as a place to do business and to invest but also literally flushing more than $640 million in taxpayers money down the drain for absolutely no gain, nothing, zip — no new road and no new jobs. Scrapping the east–west link has hit Victoria’s economy at a time when new investment is critically important.