United Firefighters Union demand 30 per cent pay increase from CFA


MEMBERS STATEMENTS – Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Firefighters enterprise bargaining

Mr WELLS (Rowville) — I condemn the Andrews Labor government for selling out all Country Fire Authority (CFA) volunteers and the Victorian community to appease its union mates by supporting the outrageous enterprise bargaining agreement log of claims the United Firefighters Union (UFU) recently provided to the CFA, including a fanciful pay claim of 30 per cent.

Instead of responsibly shutting down outright such a hugely unacceptable and ambit claim, it would appear that the Premier is now sitting back virtually in silence, enthusiastically waiting and willing to repay his UFU mates for their deplorable lies, bullying and political campaigning for state Labor against the coalition during last November’s state election campaign.

It is reported that the CFA has costed the UFU log of claims at over $1.6 billion for the three years of the next EBA period. This would mean a virtual doubling, each and every year, of the CFA’s annual total funding, which in 2013–14 was $473 million. If the Andrews government gives in and bows to its union mates as a blatant political payback, Victorian property owners and ratepayers in CFA areas will bear the brunt of an unacceptably massive increase to their annual fire services property levy to pay for the government’s largesse.