Hundreds Of Extra Firefighters Join Cfa Ranks

The Coalition Government remains absolutely committed to ensuring Victoria is better prepared and better protected from the threat of fires and other emergencies than ever before.

Under the Napthine Government Victoria’s emergency services have been strengthened by more than 200 extra CFA career firefighters.

These 206 extra recruits are providing crucial support to the more than 55,000 CFA volunteers who work across more than 1,200 brigades protecting their fellow Victorians.

Over the past four years the number of extra volunteer firefighters has also increased considerably, with more than 800 additional firefighters working at stations across the state.

This significant boost to Victoria’s firefighting ranks highlights the critical role our career and volunteer firefighters play in the state’s emergency response, and reflects the Coalition Government’s unwavering commitment to increasing community protection across regional and rural Victoria.

In addition to additional firefighters we have also provided more funding to the CFA than any previous Government, which has ensured upgrades to hundreds of fire stations across the state, millions of dollars in additional trucks and better equipment for firefighters.

The Napthine Government is building a better and safer Victoria by ensuring our emergency services have the enhanced resources they need to do their vital work.

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