Hundreds of extra frontline police and specialists under a re-elected Napthine Government

  •  A re-elected Napthine Government to deliver 700 additional frontline police
  • Frontline officers will include 250 new officers plus returning 450 officers from police cell management to front-line duty
  • In addition, 250 specialists will be recruited to tackle issues such as  E-crime and fraud, counter terrorism, forensics and special investigations
  • Napthine Coalition Government building a better and safer Victoria

Hundreds of additional police officers and specialists will be on the job across the state under a re-elected Napthine Government.   Cementing the Coalition Government’s unparalleled record in law and order, Premier Denis Napthine and Minister for Police and Emergency Services Kim Wells today announced a five-year $367.8 million package that will see the force bolstered to record levels.

“The additional police numbers will ensure that the Chief Commissioner can deal with violent crime, assault, family violence, drugs and anti-social behaviour across Victoria by providing a stronger, more visible police presence,” Dr Napthine said.

Dr Napthine said the 500 new police officers and specialists will be recruited to specifically fill the modern needs of the force.

“This will include an extra 250 blue shirts, who are the police we see patrolling our streets and in police stations across the state,” Dr Napthine said.

“This is policing as it should be – a sophisticated and modern approach that is delivering exactly what’s required to Victoria Police.”

Dr Napthine said these officers will be backing up the outstanding work of the 1,900 additional frontline police deployed in the last four years – the biggest ever single recruitment of officers, and well in excess of the 1,700 promised by the Coalition Government.

“Two hundred and fifty specialist positions will also be created at the request of the Chief Commissioner to tackle issues such as E-crime and fraud, counter terrorism, forensics and special investigations to complement Victoria Police sworn members,” Dr Napthine said.

“The changing face of criminal activity such as cyber-crime highlights the need for an appropriate mix of sworn and unsworn staff.”

Mr Wells said the specialist roles will enable Victoria Police to draw on specialist technical skills that will complement the work of our frontline officers.

“The Chief Commissioner will have the flexibility to determine the mix of specialists required, including experts to expand the Victoria Police Cold Case Unit to provide a strong investigative response to those crimes that remain unsolved in Victoria,” Mr Wells said.

The policy also involves outsourcing custodial services which is estimated to free up to 450 police officers from providing these services, allowing more officers to move to frontline policing.

“Freeing up these officers is a far better use of our expertly trained police force and is directly consistent with the Blue Paper released by Victoria Police,” Mr Wells said.

“The Napthine Government will be seeking a commitment from the Chief Commissioner that officers currently undertaking these roles will be directed to frontline responder positions.

“The Coalition Government has spent the last four years dealing with Labor’s 11 years of neglect – and in the meantime have worked hard to deliver a better and safer Victoria,” Mr Wells said.

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