Knox crime rises while Labor still soft on repeat offenders

Mr WELLS (Rowville) (13:37:05) — This statement condemns the Andrews Labor government for the crime tsunami since its election in 2014. Crime across Victoria has increased over 16 per cent since December 2014. Across the City of Knox crime is up by nearly 26 per cent under the Andrews government. Within my own electorate of Rowville crime in the suburbs of Scoresby and Rowville is up a concerning 19.3 per cent and 11.6 per cent respectively.

In Scoresby over the past two years there have been large increases in specific offences, including a 152 per cent increase in break and enters, a 300 per cent increase in drug dealing and trafficking and a 220 per cent increase in drugs and possession. Over the past year Lysterfield has seen a disappointing 40.7 per cent spike in total offences, while Lysterfield South has had a 27.8 per cent increase.

These latest crime stats very much reflect the revolving door of soft justice and sentencing under the Andrews government. Even Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton expressed his concerns with the justice and sentencing systems when he recently said:

We get them, we present them, they get some time in custody, then they are out and they are repeat offending.

The bottom line is that repeat violent offenders should serve mandatory jail time, not be out in the community committing more violent crimes. At the next election Victorians will have a clear choice.