Labor caught concealing UFU bullying against MFB Chief Officer


11th OCTOBER 2016

(Rowville) — This statement is to condemn the Andrews Labor government for its double standards on bullying and in particular the aggressive bullying tactics employed by United Firefighters Union (UFU) secretary Peter Marshall against respected former chief fire officer of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) Peter Rau.

After Mr Rau’s recent resignation because of abuse and bullying by Peter Marshall during MFB enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) negotiations, the acting Minister for Emergency Services, now the Minister for Police, falsely claimed Mr Rau had resigned because he was gravely ill. The minister’s lie was bravely exposed by Mr Rau’s wife, who publicly denied the minister’s claims, describing the awful situation of needing to reassure upset friends and family about her husband’s health following the minister’s false claims. Mr Rau’s wife stated that the minister was trying to ‘distract from the truth’. Minister Neville has now been forced to apologise to Mr Rau and his family. The minister even tried to blame the MFB for supplying her with incorrect information.

The truth is that, instead of appropriately supporting Mr Rau and his claims of bullying against Mr Marshall, the minister deliberately tried to mislead Victorians into thinking Mr Rau had resigned because of serious health problems. When both the chief officer of the MFB and a former Minister for Emergency Services have complained about Peter Marshall, why has the Andrews government not investigated or taken action to sanction Mr Marshall for his aggressive behaviour or sought Mr Marshall’s removal from the MFB and Country Fire Authority EBA negotiations?