Labor threatens the future of CFA volunteers

Labor’s announcement today is an insult to the critical role our almost 60,000 CFA volunteers play in Victoria’s emergency response. The Coalition Government has serious concerns about Dan(iel) Andrews motives.

He needs to come clean on any plans to rid hardworking CFA volunteers from integrated brigades.

At face value this appears to be another policy from Dan(iel) Andrews to appease his union mates.

Those mates who are helping fund Labor’s election campaign and are chasing a seat at the Cabinet table.

In four years the Napthine Government has delivered to Victoria the best funded and resourced fire services in Australia.

This was confirmed by the 2014 annual Report on Government Services (RoGS) released earlier this year.

Unlike Dan(iel) Andrews and his Labor mates, the Coalition Government will not be dictated to by a militant UFU whose sole interest is to get rid of hard working volunteers in Victoria.

The Coalition Government listens to the experts working within our fire services with regard to staffing levels, not the UFU who are only interested in boosting their membership in an attempt to control Victoria’s fire agencies.

The facts are the Coalition Government’s true commitment to the State’s fire agencies is proven by the record budgets we have provided to the MFB and CFA since coming to power.

We have continued to bolster frontline services with more than 200 career and more than 800 volunteer firefighters, upgrades at 250 rural fire stations and delivered more than 275 trucks.

Simply put, Victoria is far better protected than it ever was under 11 years of Labor neglect.

Since 2010, the Coalition Government has provided CFA with more than $2.29 billion and MFB more than $1.45 billion. Claims of cuts to the state’s critical fire services is a complete lie and nothing more than Labor spin.

We have been clear that a re-elected Napthine Government will introduce presumptive legislation for all volunteer and career firefighters, providing certainty for thousands of Victorian firefighters and their families.

Victorians simply cannot trust Daniel Andrews and Labor to deliver on their promises.

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