Labour playing law and order catch up

This is Labor playing catch up on law and order. The Napthine Government’s  track record on law and order is proven and unparalleled.

We promised a tough on crime agenda, and we have delivered.

Victoria now has more than 1800 extra police officers on the beat across  the state – the biggest single recruitment of officers and well in excess of the 1700 we promised.

There has been a more than $250 million investment in new and upgraded police stations and facilities.

And to say there is a crisis in police cells is an outright lie. The prisoner numbers in police cells is tracking consistently below 100 a day – and closed at 59 yesterday.

It beggars belief that Labor can’t even get those numbers right.

We have opened more than 1900 new prison beds in this term of government
with another 2100 in the pipeline.

We have fixed Labor’s shameful neglect of the prison system.

The auditor-general found that Labor was advised three times to build a new prison and three times failed to do so.

The Napthine Government has spent the last four years dealing with Labor’s mess – and in the meantime have delivered a safer Victoria.

Labor let law and order languish, they didn’t build prisons, and they didn’t address the concerns of the Victorian people.

Today’s hollow promise from Labor is a drop in the bucket on what we have delivered in the last four years.

And our law and order commitments in the next term – which will be revealed in the coming weeks – will build on the Napthine Government’s proven law and order track record delivered since November 2010.

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