Latest Police And Pso Recruits Graduate

• From next week, 23 more PSOs and 27 more police patrolling our streets and train platforms
• Since 2010, 703 more PSOs and more than 1,300 extra police protecting Victorian community
• Victorian Coalition Government building a better and safer Victoria

More police and Protective Services Officers (PSOs) will patrol the streets and train platforms of Victoria following graduation ceremonies today at the State’s Police Academy.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services Kim Wells welcomed the new police officers and PSOs to the ranks of Victoria Police.

Mr Wells said the PSO squad was the 37th group to graduate as part of the Victorian Coalition Government’s commitment to invest $212 million to recruit and deploy 940 PSOs across the rail network.

“Public safety is paramount, and the Coalition Government is doing its part to ensure our streets and rail network are as safe as possible,” Mr Wells said.

“With the graduation of this latest squad of 23 PSOs, there will now be 703 PSOs deployed to 106 rail stations across the network from next Tuesday.

“By targeting crime, violence and anti-social behaviour at rail stations from 6 pm until after the last train at night, every night, PSOs are satisfying community expectations for safety at rail stations.”

Initially, the PSO graduates are deployed to the rail network for 3 months of ‘on-the-job’ training, where they will put their training into practice while working alongside experienced officers.

“The program is proving to be a great success and the latest survey of train passengers shows the presence of PSOs makes them feel safer using the public transport system,” Mr Wells said.

Separately, the new squad of police graduates includes 27 members who have completed the 33-week training course.

Mr Wells said the Coalition Government is also fulfilling its commitment to deliver 1,700 additional frontline police by November 2014 at a cost of $602 million.

“There are now more than 1,300 additional police protecting the community than when the government took office in November 2010,” Mr Wells said.

“This represents the largest single law enforcement recruitment exercise in Victoria’s history.

“I extend my thanks to all our police and protective service officers for their ongoing efforts to keep our community safe.”

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