Law and Order under Labor: you’re on your own

Daniel Andrews will leave Victorian communities vulnerable, unsafe and unprotected.

He says he puts people first, but you can’t put people first, if you won’t keep people safe.

There will be no new police under a Daniel Andrews Labor Government.

Labors stance is an insult to the Chief Commissioner, Victoria Police and The Police Association.

Martin Pakula admitted yesterday Labor won’t speak to the Chief Commissioner until after the election.

This is proof that Labor will not be committing any money to Victoria police.

The Napthine Government has delivered its clear, sophisticated and modern policy:

  • 700 additional front line police officers.
  • 250 specialists to tackle issues such as E-crime, fraud, counter-terrorism, forensics and special investigations
  • A 50-member PSO Strike Force
  • A $25 million Tech Policing fund to equip them with real time information

This is on top of 1900 new police officers and 950 PSOs on the beat, delivered over the past four years.

The Daniel Andrews and Labor response: silence.

The Daniel Andrews Labor law and order package offers no new police, no new PSOs, no money for specialist crime fighters, no money for updating the tech requirements for modern policing.

It offers nothing.

They are leaving the families and communities of Victoria on their own.

They did it for 11 years and we were left to clean up the mess.   A spokeswoman for Chief Commissioner Ken Lay yesterday said he has a very clear vision for how Victoria Police must evolve in order to best serve the community into the future. She said:

“The Chief Commissioner has argued strongly that we need a modern police force that is responsive to the changing needs of its people.

To achieve this we need a much more flexible model which allows us the freedom to deploy our police members where they are needed, when they are needed.

We also need a more technologically-enabled police force, that is able to maximise its time spent out in the community, with a reduction in time spent processing administrative tasks back at police stations.

These are critical priorities for the Chief Commissioner and his command team…”

Based on the Chief Commissioner’s own words, a Napthine Government is the only choice for Victoria Police

His vision is in line with our modern policing plan.   You can’t put people first, if you won’t keep people safe.

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