New 24 hour $8.5 million police station for Colac under a re-elected Napthine Government

  • A re-elected Napthine Government will build a new 24-hour $8.5 million police complex in Colac
  • Multi-million dollar facility will boost emergency response capabilities in south-west Victoria
  • Napthine Government building better and safer communities across Victoria

Minister for Police Kim Wells and Member for Polwarth Terry Mulder today announced that a re-elected Napthine Government will build a new 24-hour $8.5 million police station in Colac, boosting emergency response capabilities in south-west Victoria.

“The Napthine Government is absolutely committed to continuing its strong law and order agenda and building better and safer communities,” Mr Mulder said.

“The new station will be open 24-hours a day, seven days a week, accommodating up to 65 staff,  to ensure the local community is better protected.

“Colac is a growing regional community and this multi-million dollar investment will better protect families from crime and anti-social behaviour, and enhance emergency response capabilities for our region.”

Mr Mulder said a re-elected Coalition Government will continue to work with Victoria Police to identify a suitable site to build the new station.

“Today’s commitment builds on the Coalition Government’s significant investments to strengthen community safety for Colac and surrounding areas,” Mr Mulder said.

“The Napthine Government has delivered more than 1,900 extra frontline police since coming to power, far greater than the 1,700 that was promised.

“This has ensured a greater frontline policing presence for Colac, with 69 additional police and a 19.8 per cent increase in the Western Region (Division 1),” Mr Mulder said.

A re-elected Napthine Government will also deliver a clear, sophisticated and modern police force that will include 700 additional front line police officers, 250 specialists to tackle issues such as E-crime, fraud, counter-terrorism, forensics and special investigations and a $25 million Tech Policing fund.

Mr Mulder said that extra police will mean Victoria Police can fight more crime more effectively and detect crime better than before.

“This is in direct contrast to Labor’s law and order package which offers no new police, no new PSOs, no funding for specialist crime fighters, and no funding for updating the tech requirements for modern policing,” Mr Mulder said.

“Daniel Andrews should now admit that Labor cannot be trusted when it comes to law and order – and that under Labor you’re on your own.”

Mr Wells said today’s announcement was a significant law and order commitment from the Napthine Government which will ensure Colac is better protected.

“The Napthine Government is doing our part to ensure the streets are safer and we are meeting community expectations, which is in direct contrast to Labor’s  soft on crime approach,” Mr Wells said.

“The Coalition has provided the largest crime fighting budget in history with $2.43 billion for Victoria Police in 2014-15 – a 22 per cent increase on the last budget Labor delivered in 2010.

“While our political opponents make no commitments for new police, only a re-elected Napthine Government will continue to deliver on our community safety agenda to make Victoria a better and safer place,” Mr Wells said.

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