New Cfa Station Opens At Flowerdale

• Victorian Coalition Government opens new $639,000 CFA fire station in Flowerdale
• Part of the Coalition Government’s plan to build and upgrade rural fire stations across the state
• The Napthine Government building a better and safer Victoria

A new $639,000 CFA station will increase the capacity of firefighters to protect lives and save property for the Flowerdale community and surrounding areas.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services and Minister for Bushfire Response, Kim Wells, was joined by local member Cindy McLeish in Flowerdale today to officially open the new CFA station.

Mr Wells said the new station was a significant upgrade for the brigade that had previously been using an 18-year-old shed as a base, and would ensure the Flowerdale brigade is well equipped to perform critical work now and into the future.

“Brigade members now have improved facilities, increasing their capacity to perform vital work responding to emergencies locally and across the state,” Mr Wells said.

Mr Wells said the new fire station had been funded through the Rural Fire Station project and highlights the Victorian Coalition Government’s ongoing commitment to build and upgrade rural fire stations across the state.

“The Coalition Government has invested more than $125 million over the past three years to fulfil its commitment to build 250 new or upgraded CFA stations across the state,” Mr Wells said.

Flowerdale and the surrounding area were severely impacted during the Black Saturday fires of 2009, with 13 lives and a significant number of properties lost in the local area.

Mr Wells said the new station would boost the safety of firefighters as well as residents in the local community.

“Over its 69-year history, this brigade has served a vital role during all major fires across the state,” Mr Wells said.

Ms McLeish welcomed the new fire station for the local community and acknowledged the work of the CFA members.

“The Coalition Government recognises the dedication and service of the CFA brigade unit and its 35 brigade members who provide a critical service for the Flowerdale community and surrounding areas,” Ms McLeish said.

Mr Wells said the Coalition Government had a strong commitment to providing firefighters with the resources and support they need to do their job.

“Since coming to office in 2010, the Coalition Government has provided the CFA with more than $1.84 billion. This financial year the CFA Budget is $446 million; $47 million more than under the last Labor budget.

“Emergency services volunteers are the backbone of Victoria’s emergency response.

“The Coalition Government is committed to ensuring the CFA have the latest tools and resources needed to support the community and prepare for and respond to emergencies,” Mr Wells said.

The Coalition Government is proud of the vital work performed by CFA, one of the world’s largest volunteer organisations with more than 60,000 members – 98 per cent of them volunteers.