New Report Will Helpo To Build A Safer Victoria

A new report released today will assist in better protecting Victorian communities in the case of major emergencies such as bushfires, electricity disruptions and chemical spills.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services and Bushfire Response Kim Wells said the report, Emergency Risks in Victoria, will help private enterprise, non-government organisations and governments better plan for emergencies.

“For the first time, Victoria’s emergency risks have been outlined, assessed and published as part of a detailed report,” Mr Wells said.

“This report ranks risks based on assessment of likelihood and consequence of emergency scenarios based on expert opinion and past experience.

“The report does not attempt to predict when a disaster may strike, but examines the arrangements needed in case of such an event.

“I don’t think anyone would be surprised to find fire and flood are Victoria’s top two emergency risks. Many communities across the state have one or both of these in recent times.

“Victoria has multiple agencies with different responsibilities and this fire season we saw the most coordinated approach to Victoria’s emergency management response in the state’s history.

“This report will form a basis for strategic planning for the emergency management sector and help to strengthen the mitigation aspects of emergency management in Victoria.”

The emergency risks outlined in the assessment are: bushfire, earthquake, electricity supply disruption, emergency animal disease, flood, hazardous materials emergency, heatwave, insect pest incursion, liquid fuel shortage, marine pollution, mine failure, pandemic influenza, plant disease epidemic, storm and transport infrastructure emergency.

This report does not include terrorism attacks, which fall under national arrangements.

The Emergency Risks in Victoria report is available online at

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