Andrew’s government falls behind on public transport projects



Thursday, 25 June 2015

Mr WELLS (Rowville) — This statement condemns the Andrews Labor government for its lack of progress in delivering public transport infrastructure. The Premier promised to get on with the job. Six months into this government, Victorians are asking, ‘Where are the shovel‑ready projects we were promised? Where are the jobs?’. Why were Victorian business leaders meeting the New South Wales Premier, Mike Baird, in Melbourne last week to discuss investment in New South Wales? Labor needs to lift its game and fast.

We have recently seen some great examples of how the Australian Workers Union keeps costs down for companies on construction jobs, but the Premier needs to know that there are better ways to manage a project. He should take a good look at the regional rail project, which Infrastructure Australia judged to be the best in the country for project implementation in 2014. In 2011 the then new coalition government faced a massive cost blowout on regional rail. The budget had risen from $4.3 billion to more than $5.5 billion. Why? The original project was not properly costed, trains were not ordered, signalling was not funded and extra money was needed for land acquisition and construction contingencies.

However, by January 2013 the project had been turned around. The project budget was reduced to $4.8 billion. This was due to improved scope certainty and construction efficiencies. By the 2014–15 state budget the regional rail project was reduced to $4.1 billion — —

The ACTING SPEAKER (Mr Angus) — Order! The time for making members statements has now concluded.