UPDATE: Is Rowville Rail a priority for Andrew’s government?



 Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Mr WELLS (Rowville) — (Question 6732) The constituency question I wish to raise is for the attention of the Minister for Public Transport.

Following the minister’s surprising and disappointing decision earlier last year to remove high‑speed signalling from the Andrews Labor government’s revised Cranbourne‑Pakenham rail plan — a requirement which would significantly increase capacity on that line and across the metropolitan network and one which is vitally important to the future Rowville rail line — I ask on behalf of concerned residents of the Rowville electorate: what is the Andrews government currently doing to progress the Rowville rail line to ensure that the project remains a priority and is not left by the wayside? I include whether the government has made, or plans to make, any alterations to the existing planning scheme in order to set aside a land reservation along the Rowville rail corridor?

Answer given: 8th April 2016

It was the previous Coalition Government who removed High Capacity Signalling from the Cranbourne Pakenham line rail upgrade at the eleventh hour in the lead up to the election in 2014. The Andrews Government is upgrading signalling on the Cranbourne Pakenham line and undertaking a trial of High Capacity Signalling on the network. The previous Coalition Government promised a train line to Rowville and released plans that included 5.8 kilometres of elevated rail up to 17 metres in height. However the previous Coalition Government did not build a rail to Rowville stating that the Melbourne Metro rail project was required first to allow for more trains to enter the city. The previous Coalition Government then scrapped the Melbourne Metro rail project.The Andrews Labor Government is getting on with delivering the Melbourne Metro rail project which remains an essential pre-cursor to a Rowville rail line. 90% of the land required for a rail corridor to Rowville is already in public ownership.

Hon Jacinta Allan MP
Member for Bendigo East
Minister for Public Transport