State of Emergency

State of Emergency

Today Daniel Andrews announced he will seek to extend Victoria’s State of Emergency powers from the current maximum of 6 months to a new maximum of 18 months.

This is unacceptable to the Victorian Liberal Nationals and we will oppose it.

It sets a dangerous precedent to dispense with a traditional Westminster cabinet government and a functioning parliament that meets regularly.

The State of Emergency is the legal framework under which the current wide-ranging restrictions on people’s lives and livelihoods including restrictions on leaving your own home, business closures, travel bans, quarantine arrangements and curfews are made.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Andrews Labor Government has been extending the State of Emergency in four-week blocks. However, the law states that there is a maximum six-month limit on a declaration of a State of Emergency, which is due to expire on 16 September 2020.

The reason why a declaration of a State of Emergency is strictly time limited is clear – because such massive government powers over the lives of Victorians must not be open-ended.

State of Emergency powers represent a significant erosion of individual freedom and are intended to operate for only a short period.

State of Emergency powers must only operate under appropriate safeguards, scrutiny and checks and balances. Any attempt by the Andrews Labor Government to give itself such enormous powers, particularly in the absence of any enhanced accountability measures is dangerous to our democracy and your rights as a citizen.

I want to thank the many members who have already reached out to my office and I to express concern, and who are ready to take up the fight to Daniel Andrews on this critical issue.

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Stay safe and stay well,