Victoria’s First Pedestrian Crossing Road Safety Camera To Operate In Lilydale

• Victoria’s first road safety camera at a pedestrian crossing announced
• Victorian Coalition Government improving community safety and ensuring Victorian roads are safe for all road users
• Coalition Government building a better and safer Victoria

In a Victorian first, a new road safety camera will monitor a pedestrian crossing for motorists who speed or run red lights, Minister for Police and Emergency Services Kim Wells announced today.

Mr Wells, joined by Member for Evelyn Christine Fyffe, said the fixed camera will begin enforcing speed and red light rules at the Maroondah Highway crossing at Lilydale.

“This is a busy pedestrian crossing that connects the main shopping strip to the Lilydale train station, with Lilydale High School also nearby,” Mr Wells said.

“This new road safety camera will detect speeding drivers and enforce red light rules, which will improve safety for children, students, the elderly and the wider Lilydale community who regularly use this crossing.

“Anyone who chooses to run the red light or speed at this crossing is putting people’s lives in danger and will receive a fine and a penalty.”

Mr Wells said the matter had been brought to the attention of the independent Fixed Camera Site Selection Committee by Member for Evelyn, Christine Fyffe.

Ms Fyffe said the camera addressed concerns raised by local retailers who had seen cars drive through the red light and risk serious collisions at the busy crossing.

“This new camera will send a strong message to motorists – take your time, it’s cheaper than a fine,” Ms Fyffe said.

“The road safety camera network is an integral part of the Victorian Coalition Government’s road safety strategy, which helps to ensure that Victorian roads are safe for all road users.

“The Coalition Government is building a better and safer Victoria, improving community safety for Lilydale and delivering the first road safety camera at a pedestrian crossing.”

The road safety cameras will be switched on after a comprehensive testing regime under live traffic conditions. Enforcement will not take place until Victoria Police and the Department of Justice are satisfied the cameras are operating correctly.

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