UPDATE: Water Quality in Rowville Lakes


Tuesday, 8 December 2015


The constituency question I have is for the attention of the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water, and it relates to the water levels and conditions of the Rowville Lakes, which are in my electorate.

Rowville Lakes comprise three separate man made lakes — Cogley, Sutton and Hill — and they are located in a residential area of Rowville, east of Stud Road, west of Taylors Lane and south of Kelletts Road. The lakes are of local significance, supporting native wildlife and flora and a wealth of waterbirds. They were originally constructed some 40 years ago for the purposes of stormwater drainage, water quality and amenity for the then developing new housing estates. I ask the minister: in light of the recent period of low rainfall and with a forecast of continued warm, dry conditions during summer, thereby reducing water flows to the lakes, is Melbourne Water currently monitoring both the water levels and the water quality of the Rowville Lakes to ensure that local residents’ amenity is not significantly affected?

 The Rowville Lakes are fed by stormwater from the local drainage catchment.

Melbourne Water conducts fortnightly water quality monitoring for Blue-green algae at the lakes. To date this summer (2015-16), monitoring has not detected Blue-green algae above acceptable limits.

 Melbourne Water’s monthly maintenance schedule, involves inspecting the perimeter of all three lakes and removing debris and litter. Melbourne Water’s latest inspection, in mid-January 2016, showed that the lakes are functioning as designed.

 Hon Lisa Neville MP
Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water
Answer Published Date:  05/02/2016